This Halloween, the hunter will become the hunted. Prepare for a new frontier in feline fear…

SCAREDY CAT is a brilliant horror/comedy short film. In 4 minutes and a handful of seconds, we follow the quiet night of a cat, left alone in the house during a storm. Everything plays around typically scary situations, those kind of things that would give a human the chills: lights going off by themselves, rain and thunders, a television turning of by itself with scary scenes going on screen and so on, and while all of the creaking and creepy sounds go on, the cat looks totally bored and uninterested. Then, the film has a little funny twist when the fridge opens itself and our main character, Lucky, gets finally spooked by… A cucumber. Yes, a cucumber. SCAREDY CAT loves to play around stereotypical scary stuff both for humans and cats, as on the internet we can find plenty of videos of cats scared by cucumbers. With a cool sense of humour, this short film is totally worth watching especially for the fine animation: the cat looks almost real, is adorable and fluffy, and also the setting is on-point and really scary (if you are a human being!). Really nice.

Director: Zombie Studio (Paulo Garcia, Luiza Queiroz)
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 4