The 2021 edition of Mirror Mountain Film Festival will start on July 124th and end on 25th. Mirror Mountain is a festival for independent, alternative and underground cinema. It is based in Ottawa, Canada.

Visit their website for the complete official selection and details.

Best Director

  • Cockpera by Kata Gugić
  • Entheogen by Chiva MF
  • In the Shadow of the Pines by Anne Koizumi
  • Inside by Yann Chapotel
  • The Land of Milk and Honey by Lisa Birke

Best Performance

  • Chokablock by David Coomber
  • Mourn, O Nature! by François Chaignaud
  • Naïade by Mistaya Hemingway
  • Savasana by Elisabet Gelabert & María Esteve
  • Undark by Melissa McCracken

Best Sound

  • Awake by Sam Rodgers
  • The Edge by Thomas Gassmann, Etienne Kompis, Tanay Sirin, Jorrit Stadelmann
  • Port Lands by Mitchell Akiyama
  • Quiet by Rasmus Zwicki
  • Sokinaa’ Passkaan Aassisstoi by Mathieu Laprise

Best Screenplay

  • Curbside Pickup by Hingman Leung
  • Getting Closer by Ethan Roberts
  • It’s Not Safe Outside by Woody Gregson
  • Signal Fire by Alice Il Shin
  • Visitor by Ibrahim Awara

Best Local Film

  • Away by Lumylla Reis
  • Circular by Hannah Johnston
  • Expo Film (This Film is my Memory) by Penny McCann
  • /FAŪL/ by Livia Belcea
  • Fédora by Véronique Eshaya