We presented a few days ago the 2nd event of Amarcort’s Giro del Mondo 2021, which took place yesterday on Rimini’s beach. While we wait for the counting of audience’s votes, we post the winner of the previous stage of the ‘world tour’ in short films.

The 1st event took place on July 23rd 2021. To reach 8 finalists for the grand finale in December, the winners are two for each event.

Shorts in program

• Kyrrð by Thomas Valette (France)
• True True Love by Karin Haber (Israel)
• Hitte by Tessa Maijer (Netherlands)
• Iron Me by Ivan Rabbiosi (France)
• Rock Bottom by Syver Flem (Norway)
• Escape by Amr Singh (Norway)
• Cotechino con lenticchie by Michele Greco (Italy)
• Old Hen by Todd Gordon (USA)
• RAmén by Rubén Seca (Spain)
• Desaturated by Marina Stepanska (Ukraine)

Winners, most voted by the audience

• Old Hen by Todd Gordon (USA)
• Iron Me by Ivan Rabbiosi (France)