Welcome to the Holy Mass of the one and only God: the flying spaghetti monster! Even if some heretical pasta spurning idiots haven’t found their path to this delicious faith yet, the ever-growing community has already become a divine delicacy. Ramen!

RAMÉN is a very original short film, which starts from an interesting plot and manages to be very entertaining, funny and never boring. Lucrecia, the main character, is an old conservative Christian woman who decides to visit her family for her granddaughter’s communion… The only thing is that Marta’s communion is Pastafarian and is being held by her father, Lucrecia’s son. Between amusing scenes and hilarious situations, Lucrecia must try to remain calm not to offend her family and ruin her granddaughter’s day. While Marta tries to convince her grandmother to take the communion together, jokes and wordplays are plenty and great. And what will happen when she sees Jesus eating spaghetti in her kitchen? Will she soften her judgement or will she just go crazy? Well acted and directed, RAMÉN is worth to be watched.

RAMÉN won the Special Mention at Festival de Cine – Arte en la Frontera, Encuentro para Cinéfagos and the Jury Prize at Tri-Cities International Film Festival, it was also in competition at Cinequest San Jose Film Festival, Mostra de Curtas Noia, Razorreel and many more.

Title: RAMÉN (RAmén)
Director: Rubén Seca
Country: Spain
Year: 2019
Running time: 10