Between the new 395 new members of the Academy, many invited are from the “Short Films and Feature Animation” category! It is a great goal for anybody who has been invited by the Academy, but as we are short film specialists, we are listing our ‘colleagues’. We are also listing people who both is listed by the Academy with a feature and a short together. Be sure to visit the news’ page on to know about all the new Academy members.

Rita del Rosario Basulto, Eclosión; Rain in the Eyes
Ossama Bawardi, The Present; Haneen
Réka Bucsi, Solar Walk; Symphony No. 42
Sharon Colman, Badgered
Travon Free, Two Distant Strangers
Michael Govier, If Anything Happens I Love You; Space for Rent
Gísli Darri Halldórsson, Yes-People; Kókó the Killer Whale
Joey Horvitz, Game; Friday Night
Brenden Hubbard, The Helping Hand; Cul-de-Sac
Jeanette Jeanenne, Departures; Trusts & Estates
Sara Koppel, Embraces & the Touch of Skin; Seriously Deadly Silence
Carolina Markowicz, The Orphan (O Órfão); Tatuapé Mahal Tower
Will McCormack, If Anything Happens I Love You
Adrien Mérigeau, Genius Loci
François Morisset, Bonobo; Sin Cielo
Dana Murray, Lou
Farah Nabulsi, The Present; Nightmare of Gaza
Erick Oh, Opera; The Dam Keeper
Gennie Rim, Dear Basketball
Martin Desmond Roe, Two Distant Strangers; Buzkashi Boys
Madeline Sharafian, Burrow
Tomer Shushan, White Eye; Inside Shells
Erez Tadmor, Sirens; Dear God
Charles Williams, All These Creatures; Home