A small curious bird tries to impress a new friend.

CHANGEOVER is pretty and adorable, with a delicate and cute animation. A badminton shuttlecock falls on the corner of the field and a little bird comes along, curious and interested: it seems that they fall in love with the prop and start showing off to grab the attention. All the movements and expressions are very well drawn and make the bird look so real, even the drawing is not in a realistic style. When the human finally comes, our little hero disguises himself as a shuttlecock and gets ‘caught’… Which triggers a very funny twist: we thought that the other one was just a shuttlecock and the poor bird was in love with nothing more than a little ball, but… The other one was a bird too! CHANGEOVER is not too long but is involving, with a cute romance and funny situations.

CHANGEOVER won the Audience Award at Fantoche FF in Switzerland, Special Jury Award and Best Animator Award at Tehran International Animation Festival and more, and was in selection in many different festivals around the world.

Director: Mehdi Alibeygi
Country: Iran
Year: 2014
Running time: 2