Flotando is a short film about a russian astronaut aboard the ISS that wakes up after a collision. After several failed attempts to communicate with the base he receives an un-welcomed visit. Although it might be just his imagination, or not.

FLOTANDO is really impressing, a very good sci-fi short film with amazing special effects. An astronaut wakes up after an incident on the ISS: the space station had a collision with some object and systems are not functioning anymore. He tries to reach Earth, but gets no answer and his colleagues are not around anymore. Worried and alone, he starts experiencing some strange things: are they hallucinations? The astronaut sees Elio, who seems to be a friendly neighbor in charge of welcoming the newcomer… He even has cake! When he opens the pressured door of the ISS, the astronaut panics and closes his suit. Everything feels tense, the feeling of anxiety involves the audience too: what is happening to his mind? Or is Elio an alien, going to kill him? And then, the truth hits: the astronaut is, in fact, dead. An amazing frame ends the short film with perfect climax music. FLOTANDO is pretty good, the two actors are believable, we just have to forget the fact that the Russian astronaut speaks Spanish (a necessarily cast choice, we think).

FLOTANDO won several awards and was in nomination all around the world in festivals: it won at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, at Premios Fugaz, at Sundance Channel Shorts and more.

Director: Frankie De Leonardis
Country: Spain
Year: 2018
Running time: 7