A unique friendship blooms between a flame sprite and a wood sprite, but their differences put each other’s lives at risk.

KINDLED is very sweet and touching, a fantasy story about two little spirits in the forest: one is a flame and the other is an acorn. They really enjoy spending time together and playing like two little kids, but their nature brings up some problems and gets them in serious trouble: it is raining, so the little Flame cannot risk to go outside. The acorn sweetly brings him an ‘umbrella’ made with a mushroom and the two manage to spend some time on the seesaw, until the fire burns the leaves and the flame spirit gets wet and becomes an ember. Its friend comes to the rescue but its hands get burned… When the audience scarily believes all is lost, the flame is rekindling inside, with the acorn’s ‘hat’ on the side… Has the friend sacrificed itself to save the little fire? Luckily, the acorn is fine too and their friendship can go on. KINDLED shows the uniqueness of this relationship and how strong the affection is, so much that both would do anything for the other, even sacrificing their own safety. The animation is very beautiful, both the characters are well-designed and unforgettable, the music is on point and the story is sweet and involving. A very good animated short, that would be great to see developed even more with the adventures of the flame and the acorn.

KINDLED was in selection in various film festivals, from Los Angeles Cinefest to Athens ANIMFEST, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival and more.

Director: Natasha Bishop
Country: New Zealand
Year: 2020
Running time: 3