As every morning, Marc is going to drink his coffee on the corner of his street. An unexpected surprise will upset his habits….

A SMILE AWAY is one of the shortest short films, still manages to be involving in the story portrayed and extremely funny. Marc, the main character, is drinking is coffee like on every normal morning, when he exchanges a smile with the kind waitress: this little friendly expression evolves into a strong and deep relationship. From a smile to another, the two start dating, end up married and with children, and then rest together on a bench during their elderly years. And here arrives the twist! Marc recalls their first smile and how different their lives could have been if only they had not been friendly towards eachother. But his wife seems to have gone insane: she reproaches him of not having paid the bill and starts shaking him like he needs to wake up… Thing that he eventually does: he is still the young Marc in front of the coffee, with the waitress asking him to pay for it. So all the chain of smiles and happiness was just a dream, but he tries to smile anyway, maybe hoping it was a premonition. The waitress mocks him and goes away. After the ending credits, a very funny scene shows an old lady smiling at Marc… What will that smile bring?

A SMILE AWAY is very entertaining, able to surprise the audience and bring up a good laugh. A nice work from the director and the actors. It was featured in several film festivals, such as Amarcort Film Festival, Brussels Short Film Festival and more.

Director: Florian Velasco
Country: France
Year: 2019
Running time: 2