A dance, a fight, a solo; the story of a courtship. There is always someone stronger, smarter, bigger than you…

In CORKSCREWED, a funny and entertatining plot meets the great animation of kitchen tools, moving inside their ‘natural habit’ during the ritual of… Courting a bottle of wine. Two corkscrews battle over a seductive bottle, both ready to be the tool to open it. They revolve around it, until the struggle becomes more agitated and one of the bottle openers hits the drawer and lets a bag fall down on the floor with all its content. This frees another tool, a more elegant and self-secure one, which in the end ‘conquers’ the wine. The other silverware utensils hide in front of the allusive scene, the glasses also take a step back and one of the first two contenders passes out while the new one ‘screws‘ the cork. Really enjoyable, CORKSCREWED is brilliant and hilarious, suggestive and well realized.

Director: Massimo Ottoni
Country: Italy
Year: 2019
Running time: 4