Freediving royalty William Trubridge and actress Sachiko Fukumoto will do anything to bring their baby into their world, the ocean.

A beautiful documentary, interesting in its content, relaxing and appealing to the eye. William Trubridge and Sachiko Fukumoto met at Vertical Blue, Bahamas, at the most important free-diving competition, and fell in love. When Sachiko got pregnant, all the couple wanted was for the child to be born in the water, water which is life and the most important thing for both the parents. The search for the perfect place started: it is not impossible to give birth in the ocean, but it is needed warm water and a really safe place to do so. However the problems were many and the couple found another way: give birth at home, in New Zealand, in water, with the help of a midwife. The documentary shows some steps of the pregnancy, the labor and the first weeks of Mila, born in the water and often brought to the beach in relaxing walks. This short doc also underlines the problem of pollution and ocean deterioration, since the colors and water are not the same as when William and Sachiko were children. Inspiring and peaceful, with perfect music and incredible underwater shots: it is impossible not to get taken by the slow and elegant movements of Sachiko in the ocean, swimming with her belly, dancing with sharks and dolphins. Nice photography and good scripwriting make WATER BABY a documentary that just flows away in a second: definitely a good work.

Director: Katherine McRae
Country: New Zealand
Year: 2019
Running time: 8