Noa, a young girl, trains in secret for American Football tryouts as her father, who is also the team’s coach, does not allow girls in his sport.

FOOTBALL PRINCESS is short but very intense. Each camera movement expresses tension, especially during the last scene, when Noa is in the field to train and gets caught by her father: the handheald camera slowly moves around them and the motion in the shot helps the immersion in the moment. The audience stops breathing and just waits, almost feeling on the skin the sensation of cold air in early morning. Noa is determined in playing football and trains in secret every night, knowing that her father – the team coach – does not allow girls in the team: but she is good and resolute and won’t give up her dream. All the training sequences are perfect: fast shots, amazing frames, breathtaking photography, Noa moves, tries, tosses, runs, and we feel on the field by her side. The ending sequence, where the father says “you have one chance” is liberating and the audience feels they can catch their breath again. When the shot goes black and you can hear Noa’s enthusiastic scream, you can feel the adrenaline. A brilliant short which is able to concentrate in a few minutes all the struggles in a difficult father-daughter relationship, the strenght of dreams and the determination to pursue them. Worth to be watched.

Director: Fiori Carmen
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Running time: 4