A girl’s online search for love in times of social media, speed dating, cyberlove, hipster culture and post-net attitudes.

#21XOXO is a journey through colors, pop and hipster culture, millennials references and social media. Everything is super colorful and flashy, bright and amazing. From Furby to Facebook, from online calls between friends to allusive-shaped lipglosses, #21XOXO is like the manifest of a social-dependent generation. Everything is shown in memes, pc screens, the snaks are likes from Facebook (brilliant), errors appear a pc pop-ups. The ending scene is just pure genious: the girl and her date become ‘real’ in a ‘live-action’ setting (but a bit melted with 2-D elements and remains from the animated world), yet her voice is computer-altered and the selfie they take is, in fact, one of the drawings from the virtual world. #21XOXO remains imprinted in the retina, both for the flashing of the scenes (which can be a little tiring to the eye) and for the hidden meaning which cannot help but to make the audience consider where the society is going. Nihilist and artsy, this short film is very unique.

Title: #21XOXO
Director: Sine Özbilge, Imge Özbilge
Country: Belgium
Year: 2019
Running time: 9