The 2021 edition of Tirana Film Fest, Tirana International Film Festival (TIFF) started on September 24th and ended on 30th. The festival is Academy Award Qualifying with the prize for Best Live Action Short Film, Short Animation and Student Short. Winners have been announced (Facebook reference of posts about short films: post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4, post 5, post 6, post 7, post 8, post 9, post 10), we are only listing short films, so for all the awards we recommend you to visit Tirana’s website and social media.

Official Competition

Best Short Film
Menarca by Lillah Halla (Brazil)

Best Live Action Short Film
Titan by Valéry Carnoy (Belgium)


Best Animation Short Film
Heart of Gold by Simon Filliot (France)


Best Student Film
Fall of the Ibis King by Mikai Geronimo, Josh O’Caoimh (Ireland)

Best Debut Short Film “Ron Holloway”
House of Memory by Sofía Rosales Arreola (Mexico)


Best Short Documentary
Scars by Alex Anna (Canada)

Special Mention Short Documentary
164880 by Maria Falileeva, Alexandra Matveeva (Russia)


Best Film in Albanian
Disco Funeral by Benart Laze (Albania)


Best Balkan Short Film
The Criminals by Serhat Karaaslan (Turkey, France, Romania)

Video Art & Experimental

Best Video Art & Experimental
Passage by Ann Oren (Germany)