Anna is a successful product photographer, striving for a life filled with perfect moments, inspired by a constant stream of social media feeds, sponsored blogs and fairytales playing on her computer.

In #EATPRETTY, Anna’s life looks just perfect, like a magazine cover, like a flawless Instagram feed and is, in fact, fed by commercials, blogs, feeds and social media. While she struggles to mantain this apparently flawless perfection, she has the urge to eat pretty things (iconic is, in fact, the scene of her eating the pearl necklace) to nourish her constant hunger. Behind this peculiar horror short, is the connection between what advertisements and social media are doing to our minds and eating disorders, not to mention social media dependence and the obsession of appearing perfect on our personal pages. #EATPRETTY may look hollow to a not attentive audience but is, in fact, speaking with every shot. Intriguing and disturbing, it is a great metaphor of society.

Director: Rebecca Culverhouse
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2018
Running time: 4