On October 20th, Amarcort Film Festival is organizing a special event as a preview of the 14th edition, which will be in November, from 23rd to 28th.

For this occasion, at Cinema Tiberio in Rimini, 6 beautiful short films will compete for 1 last spot left open in the official competition. This sneak preview, in fact, will not only be a screening of good shorts: the audience will be called to vote for their favorite, which will conquer the spot as finalist in November.

The event will be held at Cinema Teatro Tiberio, San Giuliano Street 16, Rimini on October 20th from 9 p.m., with free entrance. Please notice that to participate you will need to show your Green Pass or a Negative Covid Test done in the previous 48 hours.

You can also visit the Facebook event page.

The event title, Sulla STRADA di Amarcort is a play on words with Fellini’s famous film La Strada (1954) and the fact that, in Italian “sulla strada di” means “on the way to…” something, in this case the festival event in November.