Amarcort Film Festival 2021 official theme and name have been revealed, so now it is time to present the finalists for this fourteenth edition. You can find all the categories and explainations in this article. We have presented the MOViE category, today it is time for…

Gironzalon, dedicated to international experimental short films.

  • 8×8 by Maïza Dubhé (Canada)
  • Alienazione (Alienation) by Giovanni Vanoli (Italy)
  • A Sand on the Seafloor by Joo Young (Judy) Kim (United States)
  • Beyond Noh by Patrick Smith (United States)
  • You Will Dance To The Tune Of Propaganda by Glenn Ng (Singapore)
  • Fibonacci by Tomáš Hubáček (Czech Republic)
  • Mad Mieter by M+M (Marc Weis, Martin De Mattia) (Germany)
  • Zdarzenia o Wątpliwym Znaczeniu (Occurrences of Questionable Significance) by Dave Lojek (Poland)
  • Quebrantos (Breaches) by Koldo Almandoz, Maria Elorza (Spain)
  • Vitiligo by Soraya Milla (France)
  • Ultime luci rosse (Last Red Light-Show) by Villi Hermann (Switzerland)
  • Unleash by Sean Wirz (Switzerland)
  • Simulacra di Sicong Tian (China)
  • Everything Is Under Control di Roland Denning (United Kingdom)
  • You Will Love It When You Get to the Top by Federico Camaeti (Italy)