Amarcort Film Festival 2021 official theme and name have been revealed, so now it is time to present the finalists for this fourteenth edition. You can find all the categories and explainations in this article. We have presented the MOViE (dance, movement, body language), Gironzalon (experimental), Fulgor (shorts from Emilia-Romagna), Rex (animation) and Cantarel (music videos) categories, today it is time for…

Gradisca, a selection of super-short films, maximum running time 5 minutes. The Gradisca category has, as jurors, the audience of the festival during the screenings. And the finalists are…

  • Be calm… and stay at home! by Ros Balthazar (France)
  • Exhibition by Sylvia Borges (Germany)
  • Hold for Applause by Gerald B. Fillmore (Spain)
  • Homespital by Vassilis Kroustallis (Estonia)
  • Hunting Day by Alberto Seixas (Portugal)
  • I came from the future by Dave Lojek (Poland)
  • Niente di glamour by Giovanni Conte (Italy)
  • Salto (Leap) by Juan Baio, Eino Antonio (Argentina)
  • Non ce ne siamo resi conto by Giordano Viozzi, Alfredo Dante Vallesi (Italy)
  • Tribut (Tribute) by Katia Sophia Ditzler (Germany)
  • Snooze by Adam Collins (Ireland)
  • LOVEMETENDER by Anna Mercedes Bergion, Susanna Zacharoff (Sweden)
  • Il ragazzo con la lanterna by Matteo Cucci (Italy)
  • Nuntio Vobis by Alberto Dessimone (Italy)
  • Zweiheit (Twoness) by Lara Torp (Germany)
  • Homeless by Luca Esposito (Italy)
  • Volvemos En 5 Minutos (Spots Paralelos) [Back in 5 Minutes (Spots Paralelos)] di Felipe Garrido Archanco (Spain)
  • Give Up The Ghost by Hunter Norris (United States)