Take a seat at the Balloon Dating: 1 mirror, 2 pens, 9 chances to draw your ideal lover. Don’t deflate!

A very funny and creative short film, accompanied by music in crescendo that makes it look like an intense dance, a race against time. The plot of BALLOON DATING is pretty self-explanatory: two balloons at a date, with a clock that tolls the chances they have to draw eachother as their ideal lover. The problem is that it takes a lot of tries to be satisfied by the other’s drawings: the balloons get popped one after the other, the two pass from trying to do a committed work to pull pranks by drawing terrible faces. In the end, when it looks like all is lost, the ‘man’ finally draws something that satisfies the ‘woman’: she then wears a magnificent ring and seems to be very satisfied and willing to start a relationship but… Everything goes wrong in a funny and grotesque way and the two end up being popped again without no more tries. BALLOON DATING is very original, engaging and entertaining.

BALLOON DATING won the Audience Award at Amarcort Film Festival and the Special Jury Mention’s Short of the Year Online Film Festival from July 2019; it was also in competition in several festivals such as Queen Palm International Film Festival, Salerno International Film Festival and more.

Director: Cyrille Drevon
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2018
Running time: 4