Amarcort Film Festival 2021 official theme and name have been revealed, so now it is time to present the finalists for this fourteenth edition. You can find all the categories and explainations in this article. We have presented the MOViE (dance, movement, body language), Gironzalon (experimental), Fulgor (shorts from Emilia-Romagna), Rex (animation), Cantarel (music videos), Gradisca (super-shorts), Miranda (animation for children) and Calzinazz (documentaries) categories, today it is time for…

Aldina, dedicated to students from cinema schools!

  • Night on Fire by Martin Kuba, Eva Josefikova (Czech Republic)
  • On the Boat by Baizak Mamataliev (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Finca Règia by Rubén Seca (Spain)
  • Old Born by Jordan De Deken (Belgium)
  • Stimuli by Kaan Orgunmat (Sweden)
  • The Edge by Zaide Kutay, Géraldine Cammisar (Switzerland)
  • Çerçeve (The Frame) by Mert Sata, Berk Sata (Turkey)
  • T-shirt by Raghav Puri (United States)
  • Inchei by Federico Dematté (Italy)
  • Drifted Away di Ricardo Alfonso López (Cile)
  • Foguete (Rocket) by Pedro Henrique Chaves (Brazil)
  • Full Tank by Saray Salman (Israel)
  • Gli Atomici Fotonici by Davide Morando (Italy)
  • Jump Off by Karina Chuvikova (Russia)
  • Kollegen (Good German Work) by Jannis Alexander Kiefer (Germany)
  • Maks by Martin Draksler (Slovenia)
  • Da Yie by Anthony Nti (Ghana)