While playing Animal Crossing, a young woman meets a video game character who wants to be let out…

DON’T PEEK is insanely great, it is so simple yet so entertaining, scary and cool. A woman is playing Animal Crossing late at night (pretty relatable) when she starts hearing strange noises: it doesn’t take much to her to realise that what she is doing in the game is reflected in real life. She goes from scared to amused, starts opening drawers, turning the lights on and off, curious and enjoyed. But then… She becomes scared again. Something creepy appears on the door frame in the videogame, while creaking can be heard in her real room and something asks in the game to be set free.

The atmosphere in this short film is amazing. A small room, a dark night, a good actress and few more things are all is needed to create a creepy and good small movie. As claimed in the YouTube video description, this small gem was made with just three people during quarantine. Nice special effects too! Really impressive.

DON’T PEEK was in nomination at SXSW Film Festival. As stated by the director himself in the YouTube comments, this short is becoming a feature film: well deserved, we are very curious to see the story developed in a longer format, knowing that in short length it already manages to be frightening!

Happy Halloween from Short is Worth. 🎃

Director: Julian Terry
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Running time: 6