The 2021 edition of Awareness Film Fest, the 12th edition, started on October 21st and ended on 31st. Organized by Heal One World in Los Angeles, California, the festival shows feature films, shorts, documentaries, music videos and so on (visit their about page). Winners have been announced, visit their news page to know about all the awarded films, we are only listing shorts.

Grand Jury Awards

Grand Jury Music Video
I’m a Child by Kaitlin McQueeney, Eliezer Ojeda, Barbara McQueeney
Loving Lenna by Kirstie Muñoz

Grand Jury Youth Award
The Living Sea by Ema Poposka

Grand Jury Student Film
Counting Down by Oya Babaoglu

Grand Jury Narrative Short
From Under The Bridge: When Bullies Become Trolls by Paul James
The Weight of Perfection by Anabelle Munro, Leanne Bishop

Grand Jury Documentary Short
Power for Pollinators by Mathew Schmid

Audience Awards

Audience Award Music Video
I am here by Isaac Cabrera

Audience Award Youth
Growing Peace in the Middle East by Steven A. Hoffen

Audience Award Student
joyful by Simantini Chakraborty 

Audience Award Narrative Short
They Call Us Sediciosos by Iz Gutierrez

Audience Award Documentary Short
Neurodivergent by Afton Quast Saler

Special Jury Prizes

Special Jury Prize – Impact
Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom by Kalliope Barlis

Special Jury Prize – Acting Award
Leo Solomon in Mater Mortis by Rishi Gandhi

Special Jury Prize – Emerging Filmmaker
Alex Nicoletti for My First Shot

Special Jury Prize – VR
Mindful VR