The 2021 edition of Carthage Film Festival started on October 30th and ended on November 6th, as the 32nd edition of the festival. Also called Journées cinématographiques de Carthage, is held in Tunisi every two years. Winners have been announced, visit their page to know about all the awards, we are only listing shorts.

Short documentaries
Bronze Tanit: Don’t Get Too Comfortable by Shaima Al Tamimi (Yemen)
Silver Tanit: And Then They Burned the Sea by Majid Al-Ramaihi (Qatar)
Golden Tanit: Sheperds by Teboho Edkins (South Africa)

Short Fiction Film Award
Bronze Tanit: In Uncle Salem Country by Slim Belhiba (Tunisia)
Silver Tanit: How My Grandmother Became a Chair by Nicolas Fattouh (Lebanon)
Golden Tanit: Life on the Horn by Mo Harawe (Somalia)