After discovering all Amarcort‘s finalists for the 2021 edition in the official categories, it is time to reveal a special selection called Be A Parent, dedicated to films on parents-children relationships.

This special selection competition, on such an important topic, will be judged by a jury composed of students from middle and high schools in Rimini and nearby cities.

Samoeraai by Sven Peetoom (Netherlands)
The Yellow Dress by Deborah Grimes (Ireland)
12 o’clock by Sajad Soleymani (Iran)
Alimezher by Liteo Pedregal (Spain)
The Deliberate Death Of My Father by Rose Katché Duez (Canada)
Gästhamn (Haven) by Simon Revilla (Sweden)
Niebla (Fog) by Miguel Rivera (Mexico)
O MIA BAMBINA CARA by Seraina Scherini (Switzerland, Italy)
Bandsalat (The Purple Child) by Tanja Hurrle (Germany)
Reprise by Tan Yan An Lucas (Singapore)
Being My Mom by Jasmine Trinca (Italy)