Amarcort Film Festival 2021 will open on November 23rd and end on 28th. However, Wednesday 17th November there will be another preview-event with a special guest, Ferruccio Castronuovo.

Castronuovo will be awarded with the prize Un Felliniano nel Mondo (A Fellinian in the World), an acknowledgement that Amarcort Film Festival grants since 2018 to figures tied to Fellini by working, friendship and collaborating relationships.

In 2018, the first one to receive this award was Peter Gonzales Falcon, who acted in Fellini’s Roma (1972) as a young Federico Fellini.

Falcon with his award

In 2019, Un Felliniano nel Mondo went to Blasco Giurato, who worked as camera operator in I Clown (1970) and was a great friend to the Riminese director.

Giurato with his award

And then, in 2020, with a (forced) online edition, the prize went to Milo Manara, who drew the movie posters for La Voce della Luna (1990) and illustrated for Fellini both Viaggio a Tulum and Viaggio di G. Mastorna.

Manara live with journalist interviewer Vincenzo Mollica and Simona Meriggi presenting

For the 2021, Un Felliniano nel Mondo will be doubled: the award will go to Ferruccio Castronuovo and Ermanno Cavazzoni.

Castronuovo is the director of the documentary Appunti su La Città delle Donne, Cavazzoni wrote subject and script for La Voce della Luna with Fellini.

The first event will be dedicated to Castronuovo (November 17th) and the second one to Cavazzoni (November 26th).

Un Felliniano nel Mondo to Ferruccio Castronuovo: November 17th, 8:30 p.m., at Cinema Fulgor

The event will be opened by a musical introduction, curated by RiminiClassica (Quartetto EoS, EoS Quartet), then Castronuovo will be awarded with Un Felliniano nel Mondo; lastly, Fellinopolis by Silvia Giulietti will be projected and the director will be at the event too.

Fellinopolis movie poster