The appointments with Amarcort Film Festival’s pitches titled “Bloc notes” continue this year: for the 2021 festival edition, during the days of November 24th and 25th, four producers will meet directors from all over the world, in person or virtually. One-to-one appointments that last 10 minutes, during which will be possible for the authors to present their work-in-progress projects to receive tips and tricks, helpful knowledge and, who knows, maybe find a producer for their work!

Nuovaera Film

Nuovaera Film is a newborn production based between Trentino-Alto Adige and Emilia-Romagna, whose founders have several years of experience in the movie industry. Their main mission is to support national and foreign film productions to be successful in Trentino and Emilia-Romagna. They provide support, innovation, and effective solutions in the area such as Green Cinema and Safety Covid.


Articolture is an independent production house based in Bologna. A cultural start-up ante litteram, since 2008 it has also worked steadily in the audiovisual and film sector, in which it develops projects that have a clear socio-cultural relevance and a potential economic balance: arthouse films, generally in collaboration with young authors and directors, which ensuring sustainability, they do not bow to the logic of the box office, but safeguard the effectiveness of the director’s gaze and activate the real communities of reference in the production of the work, increasing the impact of the action on the territories.

CoffeeTime Film

Coffee Time Film is an independent film production house founded in Rimini in 2017 by Kristian Gianfreda to enhance the social, human and cultural heritage of Romagna. In the DNA of Coffee Time there is an attention to the latest, to diversity, to the paths of social integration: all their works, from fictional feature films to documentaries, short films, social promotion, and fundraising spots are inspired by stories of real life. The strength of their films is the ability to provoke a sense of belonging to the human race.

Almost Famous

Projects for films, television, advertisement, music, and web. They range from scripts to original scores. They produced Famosi in 7 giorni (Famous in 7 days), winner of several prizes in national and international festivals.