The 2021 edition of Torino Film Festival will start on November 26th and end on December 4th, it will be the 39th edition of TFF. It is held in Turin, Piedmont, Italy.

The program is at this link, we are only listing shorts.

Shorts in Program

  • Neon Meets Argon by James Doherty (Ireland)
  • Night by Ahmad Saleh (Palestine)
  • La Cattiva Novella di Fulvio Risuleo (Italy)
  • Liberty by Joanna Rozniak (Poland)
  • Rendez-Vous by Roshanak Ajamian (Iran)
  • Ain’t no Mercy for Rabbits by Aliza Brugger (USA)
  • Junko by Minsho Limbu (Nepal)
  • Backyard Camping by Mor Hanay (Israel)
  • Mavka by Anastasia Ledkova (Russia)
  • La Última Pieza by Ricardo Muñoz Senior (Mexico, Venezuela)
  • Babatoura by Guillaume Colin (Canada)
  • La Notte Brucia by Angelica Gallo (Italy)