As we have revealed a couple of weeks ago, this year’s theme for the fourteenth edition of Amarcort Film Festival is titled Sulla STRADA di Fellini, a play on words between the name of the famous Fellini masterpiece La Strada and the fact that, in Italian, “being sulla strada di” is something like “following the path of”.

Being this the topic, Amarcort 21 has organized three conferences on three great directors influenced by Fellini during their careers.

Sulla STRADA di Fellini – Stanley Kubrick

When: Friday 26th November, 5:30 p.m.
Where: Teatro degli Atti in Rimini
Speaker: Filippo Ulivieri, main Italian expert on Stanley Kubrick, author of books on the topic and runner of
Event description:

Props, quotes, references, situations… How much could you find in common between Fellini’s and Kubrick’s films!

A mutual ammiration between these two big legends in world cinema is well known and is also testified by the exchange of phone calls and letters between the two, as told by Emilio D’Alessandro, Kubrick’s chaffeur.
In many scenes from their films analogies can be found, result of studies, appreciation, valorization, continuation.
Without doubts, Stanley Kubrick was one of the first to take the STRADA (path) traced by the Riminese Maestro.