As we have revealed a couple of weeks ago, this year’s theme for the fourteenth edition of Amarcort Film Festival is titled Sulla STRADA di Fellini, a play on words between the name of the famous Fellini masterpiece La Strada and the fact that, in Italian, “being sulla strada di” is something like “following the path of”.

Being this the topic, Amarcort 21 has organized three conferences on three great directors influenced by Fellini during their careers.

Sulla STRADA di Fellini – Wes Anderson

When: Saturday 27th November, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Teatro degli Atti in Rimini
Speaker: Sandra Innamorato from Birdmen Magazine
Event description:

Irony, surralism, elegance and eccentricity: all this, but also much more, is what we find in Wes Anderson’s films.

It is impossible not to recognise the strong influence that Fellini’s work has sparked on the eccetric director, from the exasperated stylization, which in every film reminds us its presence, with the creation of famous and abstract places and scenographies, costumes, colors that make his style distinctive.