To help her mother regain her joie de vivre after breast cancer, Aisling sets her up on what she hopes will be the perfect date. But when the date turns up, things take quite an unexpected turn…

THE YELLOW DRESS is a sweet short film about the strong relationship between a mother and a daughter: Marion is recovering from breast cancer and Aisling is worried about her. What starts the story is a phone call between Aisling and her father, Marion’s ex-husband, who seems to be avoiding to tell something to the woman: he is having a baby with his new partner. Aisling then decides to help her mother back on track and arranges a romantic date for her by contacting an acquaitance. Marion is unconvinced, but ends up accepting just to make her daughter happy: she understands Aisling’s efforts, her worries and, despite not feeling entirely ready, she finally decides to go. The yellow dress, astonishing and perfect on Marion, is the symbol of a rebirth, of reclaiming her body and her life, of feeling herself again. Though dramatic in its premises, THE YELLOW DRESS also manages to be funny (especially thanks to Maurice’s character, who is kind of a lout, even with the best intentions) and, above all, sweet and full of love. Good acting performance, great message and perfect ending sequence, with the girls just running away together, happy and with complicity. Their run on the harbor is very cathartic.

THE YELLOW DRESS was in nomination at Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest for the Best Actress award and won the Be A Parent Competition at Amarcort Film Festival, winning the category dedicated to parents-children relationship.

Director: Deborah Grimes
Country: Ireland
Year: 2020
Running time: 15