If you are wondering where you can find some short films to watch, we got your back!

Here is a list of channels, platforms and places on the internet where you will be able to make a feast of shorts! We will be updating this page when we find new links for you, so don’t forget to come and check it out again. And if you know websites we didn’t list, please let us know at staff@shortisworth.com!

Know that we are only suggesting legal ways to watch short films. Piracy harms the (short and feature) film industry.

Short Film-Only Streaming Platforms

Well, yes! There are streaming platforms exclusively dedicated to the short format. Good to know, right? With a subscription, you can enjoy their collections.

YouTube Channels

Some YouTube channels are a wonderful (and free) source of good quality short films – when posted with the consent of the authors, of course!

  • CGMeetup – along with other content about CGI, VFX, 3D and digital in general, they post various animated short films.
  • Omeleto – a great source of short films, many of them Oscar, Cannes and Sundance awarded.
  • Dust – an incredible collection of sci-fi shorts (and series).
  • The Shorts Network – short films accredited by Oscars, BAFTA and Canadian Screen Awards.
  • Crypt TV – a collection of horror shorts and content.
  • Short of the Week – new short films every week.

Generic Streaming Platforms

Subscription-based platforms are another source for short film lovers.

  • Netflix – Netflix also hosts short films. Check your country’s catalogue.
  • Prime Video – you can also find shorts on Prime Video. Check your country’s catalogue.
  • Disney+ – you can enjoy Disney and Pixar short films.
  • iTunes – there is the “short films” genre where you can rent shorts.

Other Internet Resources

  • Vimeo – another good website, since some authors use it as their portfolio and publicly show their films; you can find short films highlighted in the Vimeo Staff Picks page of Vimeo.
  • Mubi – on Mubi you can list the films you have seen, but they also have a subscription program – with short films too.