Two explorers in search of a forgotten treasure disturb the romance between an octopus and its beloved.

A very fun animated short! A scuba diver and a boat captain are trying to make some money. The thing is that it’s like the sea is rebelling against them. Their misfortune begins when they start by ‘kidnapping’ a octopus’ beloved: the statue, or maybe a figurehead, of a mermaid, with the obvious idea of selling it. They even celebrate by uncorking a bottle of champagne (and throwing it, when empty, in the ocean…), but nothing goes as planned. The figurehead is heavy and the boat has some problems when trying to leave. While the scuba diver tries to recover the propeller, the statue falls again under water, to happiness of the octopus. A series of funny situations, classical of this kind of animations, follow each other: they recover the mermaid again, but while swimming in the ocean, the scuba diver finds a lockbox full of gold, but also gets captured by the octopus for a short while. Meanwhile, the captain gets joked by a seagull who steals his food. Greedy and eager to make gold, the two men decide to leave the mermaid behind to recover the lockbox full of treasures… And their greediness becomes their downfall. But all’s well that ends well: they get the punishment they deserve and the octopus reunites with his love! He sees the gold sink into the sea and simply doesn’t care: love wins over money!

TREASURE is a very cute short film, with a simple and effective plot, hilarious situations and a good morality for young spectators. A beautiful small film, with bright colors, funny characters and smooth animation. TREASURE won the Miranda Award at Amarcort Film Festival as Best Animation For Young Audiences, voted by children in schools.

Director: Alexandre Manzanares, Guillaume Cosenza, Philipp Merten, Silvan Moutte-Roulet
Country: France
Year: 2020
Running time: 7