The humanity doesn’t realize the damage that their deeds caused to the world and themself. The only one that sees this heartbreaking truth is a young man that, unfortunately, nobody listens to. Powerless and incapable to keep watching the downfall of humanity.

This short film starts with the protagonist, a lone boy, who is playing the guitar all by himself, singing some bitter song lyrics, and looking at the city from a distance. Then, he walks down ways and alleys, with a lantern in his hand, while a voiceover philosophizes on humanity and the pain caused to the world. He is writing a letter, then he leaves with his mask on, headed to a deserted bridge. He is the only one who understands the tragedies set up by humankind, nobody listens to him and he has no other solution than to go away. He will eventually come back, but he already knows it will be too late. The last thing he does before leaving for good, is meeting with a girl, maybe someone important, and giving her the letter he previously wrote. The boy tries to approach her, but eventually gives up and sets off. The lasts scenes depict him with no other company than his guitar, this time with broken strings, and the lantern. When the latter turns off during the night, we see a dramatic scene where the boy desperately tries to hurry to light it up again: is that feeble light a metaphor of his sanity? Or is it the last glimpse of hope?

IL RAGAZZO CON LA LANTERNA is a very simple short film, shot with zero budget and during the pandemic times, with metaphoric meanings and nice shots of Rimini and surroundings. A good starting work from the director and his crew, which won the Gradisca Award at Amarcort Film Festival 2021.

Director: Matteo Cucci
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Running time: 5