An expressionistic exploration of agoraphobia and isolation. A young woman stares outside her window, summoning the courage to step outside.

FACE À MA FENÊTRE is a small jem of a short film. From the very first second, both the choice of black and white and the music score start to set the mood for the audience: something melancholic and poignant. Minimalist and essential, this film perfectly crystallizes in a film the struggle and feelings of one dealing with agoraphobia, isolation, social anxiety. There is no need for words when the actress’ face is so expressive and the film editing is on point: the woman is locked inside, looks outside her window and, when she closes her eyes, she sees what scares her the most. She sees people, crowds, trains, gatherings. She fights with herself, to find the strenght to go outside. To others, stepping out of the door and take the subway may seem simple, an almost natural occurrence… But the protagonist of FACE À MA FENÊTRE struggles to be able to do so. An incredible dance sequence, able to fully convey the power of the short film and the expressivity of the actress, alternates with shots of the woman looking outside, shunning the window, trembling before the stairs. Excellent photography, great and highly expressive movements, this film is delicate and strong at the same time, perfectly able to show how it feels like to “look the world outside a window” without being able to go outside… And not because of the pandemic, but because of something that locks oneself up deep inside. What, in the end, helps the protagonist to step out the door, is her own strenght, fueled by good memories: an amazing cellist, a cute child, a kind man, beauty and art on a building… FACE À MA FENÊTRE surely knows how to give some goose bumps.

FACE À MA FENÊTRE won a Special Mention at Amarcort Film Festival in the MOViE (dance and movement) category.

Director: Sonia Gemmiti
Country: Canada
Year: 2020
Running time: 6