Dance as a tool to underline our thinking on the problem of violence against women.

Women dressed in black, like in mourning. A small town named Casperia which gives Medieval vibes, also thanks to the ancient roads and buildings where THE LEX REQUIEM’s shooting took place. We catch a glimpse of Italy through these women’s faces, although they are soon hidden by black veils. Small movements, symbols, dances, expressions, serious glances, a slow and intense dance: the directors wanted to highlight the problem of violence on women with small but strong touches. The music in the background makes everything even more involving. Shot with almost no budget, THE LEX REQUIEM shows great experience in directing and cinematography, has a strong message delivered gently, softly but stinging at conscience nonetheless.

THE LEX REQUIEM won a Special Mention at Amarcort Film Festival 2021 in the MOViE (dance, movement) category.

Director: Bruno Palma, Alexis Karl
Country: Italy
Year: 2018
Running time: 3