Water – Leonardo da Vinci called it ‘the blood of the planet’. A group of people emerges from the water. They try to resist the current of the river and the stream of people in the city, but have to surrender to the flow and are washed ashore. On the shore, the stranded seek for hold and refuge. In the course of the film ‘against or with the flow’, ‘resistance and devotion’ manifest as a primal instinct, as a survival strategy.

The body language created and depicted in DOWNRIVER is terrific, incredible, impactful and hard to forget. The short film starts with a few people emerging from water, grasping for hair, struggling to stay afloat. But the river is a metaphor for something else: the stream they try to resist to is not only one of the river, but is also in the city, between indifferent people. As everyone keeps on walking, right on their way, careless and unconcerned, the dancers “swim” through the flow of people, avoiding the ‘waves’, keeping themselves afloat. Once free from the flow, another incredible choreography takes place between the alleys, as the dancers seek for refuge. DOWNRIVER is truly amazing, highly professional, greatly shot, with good cinematography and intense body language.

DOWNRIVER was screened at Dance On Screen Festival, Opine Dance Film Festival, Cinedans, Cine RO, Screendance and Amarcort Film Festival, where it won the MOViE Technical Jury Award in the category dedicated to short films on dance and movement.

Director: Andrea Boll
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2020
Running time: 10