The Lost Letter tells the tale of a young boy as he prepares his neighbourhood for Christmas. That is until he confronts the one lady who doesn’t want the holiday to come at all. The determined boy does all he can to bring colour to her dreary world, only to discover the truth behind her lack of Christmas spirit.

Narrated in verse by the voice of Kate Winslet, THE LOST LETTER is a deeply sweet and touching special short animation for the Christmas period. It is the story of a young boy, Henry, very excited for Christmas, waiting for Santa Claus. The thing is, when he goes outside to light up the decorating lights on the roof, he notices a dark house in the neighborhood. He decides to show up at the door with a lot of decorations and, without asking permission to the old lady living there, starts setting up the Christmas atmosphere, just to end up thrown outside. But Henry is not ready to give up: he tries again, descending from the chimney. Once inside, he breaks a photo frame of a little girl, and the old woman starts telling him a story of loneliness and of a letter to Santa Claus to seek for a friend: she was that girl. Her request was never listened to, so the woman has stopped believing in Christmas magic ever since. Henry, sad and disenchanted too, leaves the mansion and his own letter, while the woman regrets her cold words to him. But Henry’s friend, a little bird, has found out that the old woman’s letter was stuck inside the chimney, therefore it never reached the North Pole. In tears, the woman lights up the fire and burns both the letters, granting her and Henry’s wishes. In the end, on Christmas morning, the two find out that their hopes were not in vain. This short story is pretty simple, intended for young audiences, yet totally enjoyable by adults. Very nice setting and animation, a little less cute the human faces, but overall a nice work.

THE LOST LETTER was in nomination for Best Animation at Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTA).

Director: Kealan O’Rourke
Country: Ireland
Year: 2016
Running time: 8

Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season from Short Is Worth.