“Dreams” tells the wanderings of a mother and her young daughter, survivors of a world devastated by the rising waters. In the middle of urban spaces where man is absent, they come to reconnect with nature.

DREAMS is intense, ephemereal, necessary. After having watched the first time, the rapid pace leaves you with the feeling of needing to watch it again and again, to grasp every detail. A mother and a daughter, and a dying world. Both the characters are extremely expressive, the eyes of the mother speak in every shot, especially the one where she is seen pregnant, with a desperate expression on her face. Sweet moments of family love take turns with fear, need to escape from the city, urge to reconnect with nature. Escourrou’s line is amazing both on landscapes and on human figures, and gives everything an ethereal vibe, warm thanks to the colors and the softness of the drawing. The editing to follow the song is on point, the rhythm of the images follows the music perfectly. A very interesting work.

DREAMS won the Special Mention at Amarcort Film Festival 2021 in the Cantarel (music video) category.

Director: Dorian Escourrou
Country: France
Year: 2020
Running time: 3