Lone passengers are traveling to join their loved ones for the Christmas holiday, but winter weather conspires to way-lay them.

Yes, we know, this short film is nothing new to you: made by Wes Anderson for H&M as a Christmas advertisement, you probably have seen it a lot of times, being it from 2016. And you probably had read about it before, for sure. Nevertheless, it is a perfect little film to wish you a happy new year and happy end-of-the-holidays!

As each of Anderson’s works, you can recognise his style from the first frame: symmetry, pastel colors, unique characters with distinctive visuals and characteristics. And, of course, one of Anderson’s favorite actors to work with: Adrien Brody, here in the role of a train conductor. It’s Christmas time and the train is supposed to arrive on time for the celebrations… But the conductor has to make an unfortunate announcement: due to the snowy weather and some technical issues, they will be delayed and holiday plans seem to be ruined. We see the reactions of the passengers, in particular a lone child; the conductor manages to get some decorations from a station while the train still travels and, off camera, the train is decorated at its best. During the last scene, in fact, all the passengers and the train staff greet the child with a Christmas tree and some holiday spirit, including hot chocolate!

Good editing, perfect music, incredible shots: until we see the company’s logo at the ending, we can’t tell it is a commercial, it just looks like a warm Christmas-y short film about caring for other people and share the holiday joy and spirit. Completely in Anderson’s style, it almost looks like a spin-off of The Darjeeling Limited (for the train setting, the atmosphere and some of the visuals)! Cute and worth watching even after 5 years, it perfectly sets the holiday vibes, so forgive us if we bring it up again in 2021!

Director: Wes Anderson
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Running time: 4

A happy New Year from Short Is Worth.