A dried-up old seafarer chases a fleeting figure across an apocalyptic desert landscape in this modern parable set to Alexis Harte’s darkly rollicking song.

THIRSTY is an incredible work of art, an amazing music video, a great song. All aspects of this short film project are interesting: screenwriting, cinematography, setting, acting, everything is at the highest level and in perfect harmony with the song. The quality level is of considerable importance. As stated by the director, Peterson, the setting of this music video is inspired by the 2020 summer burnings in California: this is represented not only by the desertic landscape, the lack of water, the sand, the barren land, but also by the color palette of the photography. The main character, portrayed by Rob Nillson, is incredibly expressive, therefore he doesn’t need words to convey emotions, desperation, the struggle of a journey in search of water. His ragged clothes, the tattered (and useless) umbrella, the old age and exhaustion on his face, speak for themselves. THIRSTY’s yrics, written by Alexis Harte, whom is also the producer, have several layers, and here in particular see themselves represented in the layer of environmental issue. A perfect short story, with a bittersweet ending and of unforgettable talent and quality from any point of view.

THIRSTY was in selection at Tribeca Film Festival 2021 and Cinequest Film Festival, both in the USA (respectively, New York City and San Jose, California) and was awarded as Best Music Video (Cantarel Category Technical Jury Award) at Amarcort Film Festival 2021, Italy.

Director: Josh Peterson
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Running time: 4