The 2022 edition of Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers Le Festival des Premiers Films Européens will have its 34th edition from January 24th to 30th. The festival has a short film (courts métrages) selection of French and European shorts.

European Shorts

  • Pa Vend by Samir Karahoda (Kosovo)
  • Night by Ahmad Saleh (Germany, Qatar, Palestine)
  • Some Kind of Intimacy by Toby Bull (United Kingdom, France)
  • Apallou by Nikos Avgoustidis (Greece)
  • The Life Underground by Loïc Hobi (Switzerland)
  • Miraflores by Rodrigo Braz Teixera (Portugal)
  • Furia by Julia Siuda (Poland)
  • Four Cups of Coffee or Three by Sebastian Łach (Poland)
  • O Que Resta by Daniel Soares (Portugal)
  • Sestre by Katarina Rešek – KUKLA (Slovenia)

French Shorts

  • Le Voisin de Lou by Victoria Lafaurie, Hector Albouker (France)
  • Palermo Sole Nero by Joséphine Jouannais (France)
  • Noir Soleil by Marie Larrivé (France)
  • Caillou by Mathilde Poymiro (France)
  • Haut les cœurs by Adrian Moyse Dullin (France)
  • How To Order Online by Julie Ramage (France)
  • Perce-Oreille by Claire Dietrich (France)
  • Lèv La Tèt Dann Fénwar by Érika Étangsalé (France)