The 2022 edition of Rotterdam International Film Festival (IFFR) will start on January 26th and end on February 6th. This edition will be entirely online. Let’s see the shorts in competition!

Ammodo Tiger Short Competition

  • Answering The Sun by Rainer Kohlberger (Austria)
  • Becoming Male in The Middle Ages by Pedro Neves Marques (Portugal)
  • Chants From a Holy Book by Cesar Gananian, Cassiana Der Haroutiounian (Brazil)
  • Constant by Sasha Litvintseva, Beny Wagner (Germany)
  • Dawn by Leonor Noivo (Portgual)
  • Glass Life by Sara Cwynar (USA)
  • Isn’t It a Beautiful World by Joseph Wilson (United Kingdom)
  • The Making of Crime Scenes by Hsu Che-yu (France)
  • Nazarbazi by Maryam Tafakory (Iran)
  • El Nombre de Las Cosas by Diego Esconar (Chile)
  • Nosferasta: First Bite by Bayley Sweitzer, Adam Khalil (USA)
  • Polycephaly in D by Michael Robinson (USA)
  • Punctured Sky by Jon Rafman (USA)
  • Songs for Living by Korakrit Arunanondchai, Alex Gvojic (USA)
  • Tomorrow Is A Water Palace by Juanita Onzaga (Belgium)
  • urban solutions by Arne Hector, Luciana Mazeto, Vinícius Lopes, Minze Tummescheit (Germany)