The 2022 edition of Halifax Black Film Festival will start on February 24th and end on 27th. This is the 6th edition of the festival, and it will be online. The festival is Canadian Screen Award Qualifying.

You can find the film selection at this link, we are only making lists of the shorts in competition!

Short Documentaries

  • I Am More Than My Hair by Alyscia Cunningham (USA)
  • Ma’s House by Jeremy Dennis (USA)
  • Mending a Crack in the Sky by Roble Issa, Zach Jama (Canada)
  • Suñu Ekool by Aron Marty, Maria Bänziger (Switzerland)
  • The Girl With the Accent by Nadia Durry (United Arab Emirates)

Animated Shorts

  • Little Lawyer by Samuel Buckner, Samantha Buckner (USA)
  • Skindeep by Edi (USA, Brazil)
  • Stereotype by Nahyun Beak, Dahyun Beak (USA, South Korea)
  • The Mirror by Mimi Chakarova (USA)

Narrative Shorts

  • Asunder by Janet Marrett (United Kingdom)
  • Chance Encounter by Sandra Mathieu (Canada)
  • Comic Escape by Alphonso McAuley (USA)
  • Concession by Perry Miotto (Canada)
  • Cope by Garland Scott (USA)
  • Grey Area by Keesha Chung (Canada)
  • I Hate You by Koumbie, Taylor Olson (Canada)
  • In Other News by Ivan D. Ossa (Canada)
  • Kamila by Joyce Fuerza (Canada)
  • Kill Your Masters by Israel Ekanem (Canada)
  • Phases of a Goddess by Albamarina Nahar, Natacha Gutierrez (USA)
  • Presents by Jessie Klearman (USA)
  • The Blactor by Rukiya Bernard (Canada)
  • The Egg by Rayane Teles (Brazil)
  • The English Teacher by Jeremy James Fokuoh (Canada)
  • Uncle by Michelle Jones (United Kingdom)
  • What We Are by Fey Okege (United Kingdom)