Babz Dubreuil, a lonely ex-convict, works as a cook in a brunch restaurant. Under the encouragements of a colleague, she finds the courage to ask an attractive customer on a date. It might be the beginning of redemption.

LUNE is a beautiful short film: delicate, intense, poetic, soft (in the way of narrating Babz’s story of redemption) and strong (in the convyed message) at the same time. This film is truly extraordinary: from photography to scenography, great acting, amazing characters and story. Iconic is the quote from the film “I deserve the moon”, something true and deep to all of us. LUNE shows a universal theme that could concern every human being: finding a place in the world. And the story of Babz is particularly touching, revolving around an ex-convitct, lonely and shy, with a new job and friendships, fighting to stay afloat. LUNE is clean, atmospheric, it explores human relationships, overcoming stigmatizations, it encourages the audience to stop being just a passive viewer, kindling in them a critical thinking and a perception of the world around them. LUNE’s story avoids stereotypes, emphasizes emotions with tenderness and respect. Babz’s search for identity is shown both in verbal and aesthetic levels, it is an incredible and unforgettable story of strenght and redemption. In a broader sense, we could label LUNE as a love story: but it is a love story of self-love. The journey of Babz and her finding courage to ask a customer out are not romance, it’s a sensitive love for herself, and her individual path is universal.

LUNE won Special Jury Mention at Vancouver International Film Festival, Best Canadian Short Film at FICFA, the Critics’ Award and the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short of 2021 at Amarcort Film Festival and many many more.

Title: LUNE (MOON)
Director: Zoé Pelchat
Country: Canada
Year: 2020
Running time: 15