A coma patient who is presumed to be in a vegetative state experiences a locked in state and drifts between reality and dream.

STIMULI, as stated by director Orgunmat himself, was inspired by a true story, meaning that the pictured characters are not real, but the writing started from a news he read on a newspaper: the fact that science found out that a presumed vegetative patient was able to cerebrally respond through some stimuli. So that is the story of the patient of this short film: he feels himself locked inside a room, cannot go out, screams but can’t be heard, can’t get in touch with his family. Yet they visit him in hospital, talk to him, and he somehow manages to feel their presence and words. We see the time pass by, while he shifts between a state of dreams and reality. An amazing performance by Orgunmat himself, who is both director and actor in this sort of dream-nightmare-reality sequence. We as audience can feel the protagonist’s claustrophobia, desperation, confusion… STIMULI is a truly interesting short film. As told by Orgunmat, STIMULI underwent some production and shooting issues as it is set in a hospital and was programmed to be shot when Covid-19 arose: the film lost the hospital setting and the help of some nurses. But in the end, it came out excellent as well.

STIMULI won “Hera” Award and the Special Mention from the Youth Jury at Amarcort Film Festival 2022 for the Aldina (Cinema Students) Category.

Director: Kaan Orgunmat
Country: Sweden
Year: 2020
Running time: 14