The 2022 edition of South by Southwest (SXSW) started on March 11th and ended on 20th. SXSW is Academy Award Qualifying with Best Animated Short, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short.

The 2022 SXSW Film Awards were on March 15th, and winners were announced. Let’s see the shorts!

Short Film Grand Jury Awards Presented by IMDbPro

Narrative Short Competition

All the Crows in the World by Tang Yi (Hong Kong)

Special Jury Recognition for Directing and Community Filmmaking
Glitter Ain’t Gold by Christian Nolan Jones (USA)

Special Jury Recognition for Outstanding Performances
Aphrodite Armstrong, Kyle Riggs in West By God by Scott Lazer (USA)

Documentary Short Competition

Long Line of Ladies by Rayka Zehtabchi, Shaandiin Tome (USA)

Special Jury Recognition for Visual Reflection
not even for a moment do things stand still by Jamie Meltzer (USA)

Midnight Shorts

Moshari by Nuhash Humayun (Bangladesh)

Special Jury Recognition for Powerful “Short Trip”
OMI by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall (USA)

Animated Shorts

Bestia by Hugo Covarrubias (Chile)

Special Jury Recognition for Unexpected Emotion
Les Larmes de la Seine by Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard (France)

Special Jury Recognition for Visceral Storytelling
Something in the Garden by Marcos Sánchez (Chile)

Texas Shorts

Folk Frontera by Alejandra Vasquez, Sam Osborn

Special Jury Recognition for Vision
Birds by Katherine Propper

Texas High School Shorts

Honeybee by Emilio Vazquez Reyes

Special Jury Recognition for Artistic Expression
It’s Getting Bad Again by Sarah Reyes

SXSW Film Design Awards Presented by Adobe

Poster Design Competition
More Than I Remember by Amy Bench

Special Jury Recognition
The Sentence of Michael Thompson by Kyle Thrash, Haley Elizabeth Anderson (USA)

SXSW Special Awards

Mailchimp Support the Shorts Award
The Voice Actress by Anna J. Takayama (Japan, USA)