Amarcort Film Festival, founder of Short is Worth, organizes every year since 2015 an event called Giro del Mondo in 80 Corti (Around the World in 80 Short Films): it is a monthly event which brings the audience on a tour around the world in short films.

The audience votes their favorite film each month and then, during the last ‘stage’ of the tour, all the winners from the past months compete to be the most liked of the year.

Every year has a ‘travel theme’: they went from cruise ship to train. As you can see from the banner, this year the means of transportation is the bycicle wheel. Let’s read the festival statement:

A figure travels sinuous on a street by the sea. The means of transportation that accompanies the audience through the short films of the 8th edition of Giro del Mondo in 80 Corti is the bycicle wheel.

It is an element dear to cinema, where the push to movement is combined with the capability to mantain balance.

This year again, the authors of the illustration are Francesca Nathalie Trentadue and Marco Balestri.

About this edition

The first event happened on March 23rd, let’s see what the playlist was and who won.


A selection of the best shorts from the 2021 festival official edition.

  • Avant Card by Stella Raith (Germany)
  • Music Box by Joanna Kozuch (Czech Republic)
  • Gli Atomici Fotonici by Davide Morando (Italy)
  • Hold for Applause by Gerald B. Fillmore (Spain)
  • Pata y Muslo (Thigh and Drumstick) by Jennifer Moule (Argentina)
  • Mini Moi (Premium Baby) by Jeanne Signé (France)
  • The Yellow Dress by Deborah Grimes (Ireland)
  • Verdict 30001: The Cookies by Samuel Häkkinen, Henna Välkky (Finland)
  • The Frame by Mert Sata, Berk Sata (Turkey)
  • Fibonacci by Tomáš Hubácek (Czech Republic)

And the winner of the first stage is…

Hold for Applause by Gerald B. Fillmore (Spain)

The short will be a finalist in December.