The 2022 edition of Athens International Film and Video Festival, held in Ohio, USA, started on April 1st and ended on 7th. It is Academy Award Qualifying with the awards Best Narrative, Best Animation. This is was 49th edition of AIFVF.

Awards were announced, visit their news page for all the prizes, we are only listing shorts.

Named Awards

Programmer’s Prize
Matadata – Consciousness Transfers to Origins by Bingi Bongi (Latvia)

From The Booth
Once There Was III by Nina McNeely (USA)

Film House Award
Freedom Swimmer by Olivia Martin-McGuire (United Kingdom)

Black Bear Award
Our Mine by Shayna Strype (USA)

Research Award
We Had Each Other by Kelly Gallagher (Ireland, USA)

Jury Awards

1st Prize Animation Short
My Parent, Neal by Hannah Saidiner (USA)

1st Prize Narrative Short
Super Nova by Juliette Saint-Sardos (France)

1st Prize Documentary Short
Pacha’s Notebook by Pedro Urizzi, Estevan Muniz (Colombia)

1st Prize Experimental
When the World Comes to an End, I Will Have Loved You by Gloria Gammer (Austria)

1st Prize Music Video
Incomplete by Dalena Tran (USA)

Special Jury Mentions

Chilly & Milly by William David Caballero (USA)
The Act of Coming Out by Alexandra Stergiou (USA)

The Threatened Love by Héctor Herce (Spain)

Reality is Not Good Enough by Rashayla Marie Brown (USA)