The 2022 edition of Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) will start on May 17th and end on 28th. This link will bring you to the page on their website dedicated to Cannes Court Métrage and at this link you can find the short selection in competition.

Be sure to visit their pages to know about all the festival, films, guests and events as we are only listing shorts!

Cannes Court Métrage Short Films Competition

  • Tsutsuɛ by Amartei Armar (Ghana, France)
  • Po Sui Tai Yang Zhi Xin (A Short Story) by Bi Gan (China)
  • LORI (Memory of My Mother’s Lullabies) by Abinash Bikram Shah (Nepal, Hong Kong)
  • Hai Bian Sheng Qi Zi Zuo Xuan Ya (The Water Murmurs) by Story Chen (China)
  • Uogos (Cherries) by Vytautas Katkus (Lithuania)
  • Same Old by Lloyd Lee Choi (USA)
  • Le Feu Au Lac (Fire at the Lake) by Pierre Menahem (France)
  • Gakjil (Persona) by Sujin Moon (South Korea)
  • Luz Nocturna (Night Light) by Kim Torres (Costa Rica)

The Selection La Cinef

  • Chlieb Náš Každodenný (Liquid Bread) by Alica Bednáriková (FTF VŠMU-Film and Television Faculty, Slovakia)
  • Mumlife by Ruby Challenger (AFTRS, Australia)
  • Tout Ceci Vous Reviendra (All Of This Belongs To You) by Lilian Fanara (La Fémis, France)
  • Les Humains Sont Cons Quand Ils S’empilent (Humans Are Dumber When Crammed Up Together) by Laurène Fernandez (La CinéFabrique, France)
  • Il Barbiere Complottista (A Conspiracy Man) by Valerio Ferrara (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italy)
  • The Pass by Pepi Ginsberg (NYU, USA)
  • Sheherut (Kinship) by Orin Kadoori (The Steve Tisch School of Film & Television Tel Aviv University, Israel)
  • Nauha by Pratham Khurana (Whistling Woods International, India)
  • Jutro Nas Tam Nie Ma (We Are Not There Tomorrow) by Olga Kłyszewicz (The Polish National Film School in Łódź, Poland)
  • Di Er (Somewhere) by Li Jiahe (Hebei University of Science and Technology School of Film and Television, China)
  • Feng Zheng (The Silent Whistle) by Li Yongtong (Emerson College, USA)
  • Mistida by Falcão Nhaga (ESTC, Portugal)
  • Glorious Revolution by Masha Novikova (London Film School, United Kingdom)
  • 100% Flået Kærlighed (That’s Amore) by Malthe Saxer (Den Danske Filmskole, Denmark)
  • Hajszálrepedés (Craze) by Bianka Szelestey (Eötvös Loránd University Department of Film Studies, Hungary)
  • Spring Roll Dream by Mai Vu (NFTS, United Kingdom)