Elia and Aldo are two ex clowns. They have been living together for years, isolated from everyone and everything. Aldo has been asking Elia to help him end his suffering due to his illness for a long time. Elia tries to dissuade him in every way possible until he realizes that Aldo’s condition is more serious than what he had thought.

PAPPO E BUCCO is a bittersweet hyperbole on love and life. A great work by director Losito who, by touching the strings of melancholy with dramatic brushstrokes, was able to told us the story of two retired clowns. The artists, away from the cheers of the audience, live in utter silence. Aldo is portrayed by Massimo D’Apporto, Elia by Augusto Zucchi. These two characters are the two sides of the same medal, and they will find themselves in staging their last play: the end. This short film is a love story. A love story about life, and director Losito helps the audience reflect on the urgency of having in Italy a law on the issue of end-of-life.

PAPPO E BUCCO won the Fellini Mention at Amarcort Film Festival 2021 where Zucchi conquered the “Il Pataca” (best acting) award, Best Short at Ciak Napoli Film Festival where D’Apporto won for Best Acting, an ex aequo on Best Acting to D’Apporto and Zucchi at Warsaw’s Grand Off Film Festival, Best Short at Omovies Film Festival and many more.

Director: Antonio Losito
Country: Italy
Year: 2021
Running time: 15